Blockchain & Crypto Payment

Set up Blockchain & Crypto Payment infrastructure

Once you start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies  you’ll be surprised how many advantages crypto payment option poses over conventional payment methods! Access a fully integrated and versatile platform that allows you to accept bitcoin and other major cryptocurrency payments.

  • Low fees
  • Irreversible payments
  • Micro-transactions
  • Superior customer privacy

Our Features

Bitcoin and crypto is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money.

Borderless Account

Borderless account with 100% online and globally

Instant Issue & Redeem

Trace on rewards issue and redeem activities

Secured Storage

Bank-grade security and data encryption

Competitive Fees

No monthly fee require with us

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Our team strives to implement best practices with the most advanced, ad-hoc and efficient tools.

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Create your account with us through online and verify your identity. We approved  the same day and international clients may take up to 10 business days.


Fund Your Account

  • Wire and ACH
  • Bitcoin
  • USD funds are held  FDIC-insured banks and digital assets are held in cold storage.

Enjoy Borderless Transactions

  • Send fund to anyone in the world with Wire, ACH, Bitcoin
  • Instantly issue or redeem stable coins with fiat
  • Instantly buy or sell cryptocurrency over-the-counter