At QuickeWallet, we are dedicated to assist our partners achieve their common goals by providing them with the advanced skills and abilities to offer world class international debit card solutions for their clients. As one of the world’s leading prepaid debit card management agency, QuickeWallet provides numerous options and opportunities.

We facilitate the execution of electronic payment platforms across a bunch of marketplaces including telecommunications, fleet management, payroll administration, sales & agent commission pay out and remittance. Our work also includes consulting in the area of financial kiosk and point of sale deployment strategies.

QuickeWallet is operating in the area of online banking and prepaid debit card strategies across the digital countries in Southeast Asia like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Myanmar, and all European countries. We are a company of original thought and through ongoing extensive analysis into client’s business needs, we provide the solutions required for their continued success and we consider quality of process to be vital.

Business Partner

Expand your business and help your clients get access to new technology

We work as a specialist with our partners to assist clients getting benefit and conveniences from their card scheme deployments. We’ve tailored Authorized Partner Program to provide maximum benefit to clients and partners. Clients and partner will be able to work and achieve the common goal together. Our channel partners benefit by gaining the ability to offer industry-leading technologies while receiving sales, marketing, and technical support from QuickeWallet. As a business partner, you will receive the following;

  • A complete guide to promote our portfolios
  • Understanding the qualification procedures of all programs
  • Ongoing support to progress fully qualified client requirements
  • Ongoing residual income from implemented projects
  • Live access to secure web area for live client status reporting

QuickeWallet Partner Program

As a Partner, we expect you to possess a strong technical and consultative sales and support acumen, as well as meet minimum project submission requirements, which vary by partner level and region. Our channel partners enhance our customers’ experiences by providing value services and support, including sales, training, and consultative services. We are looking for partners that work beyond helping a customer get a card program. You are expected to be able to help clients understand what to do with the information provided and how to take subsequent steps to enhance business results.