Latam eWallet & Cashless Payment

Boost your sales with our localized payment solution

Let us accompany the expansion of your business in Latin America and guide you with our extensive knowledge of each market.
Reach consumers with payment methods they know and trust: cash payments, bank transfers, local cards, QR codes and e-wallets.
Make sales in their currency without the need for a local entity and receive your payments from any location in the world.

Why Choose Quickewallet

One application. One integration.

Increase your sales in Latin America
A fully localized payment solution with more than 250 payment methods in 12 countries. All using the same service provider and with only one API.
Complete confidence and security
World-class audits and constant improvement. Industry-leading security certifications, which guarantee data protection in all of our services

On the cutting edge of technology
Receive notifications as soon as your customer makes a payment. Our solution includes real time alternative payment methods supported in Latin America.


Present in 12 Latin American countries

Experts in local markets with global experience. Local payment methods are the key to success for online merchants, both if you want to expand your current business in Latin America and if you are seeking to disembark in the region for the first time.

Less friction with an all‑in‑one platform

As the e-commerce market grows in Latin America, online businesses from all over the world are starting to explore this promising market. However, payment processing in different countries can be challenging for someone without a local intermediary. The Latin American payment landscape is very peculiar, and each country has its own culture and regulations.
By integrating with Quickewallet you get access to all major markets in Latin America, more than 100 payment methods, in addition to unified reconciliation and payments. We handle all currency exchange, payment flow, fraud management and legal matters to make sure that all transactions made between our merchants and the local payment players are smooth and safe.

Seamless and powerful integration

Direct API
For those who want a personalized integration and wish to control every detail of the checkout flow.

E-commerce Platforms
Easy integration with the most popular e-commerce platforms. Install Quickewallet and start to sell.

quickewallet connects with multiples organizations to facilitate access to Latin America.

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