Security & Fraud Awareness


Customer Security and Fraud Awareness

Quick eWallet security helps you prevent your financial information. When you access your account, it important that we know it is you.

To protect your account and improve online banking security, we provide:

Login/register details

  • when you sing up for e-wallet account, you are required to create a strong password for securely log in and you must to prove who you are by entering a username and a password and memorable questions.

One Time Passcode (OTP)

  • Whenever you make payment, we send you OTP code to your registered mobile number for added security.

Automatic Time-Out

  • If you forget to logout of account, your session will be time-out automatically.

Fraud detection and Prevention

Personal information such as name, address or bank account details can be obtained by criminal in various ways including:


  • Phishing is happened when a criminal trick you into a handing over your personal financial information via email or phone.


  • When your computer, mobile phone or network are unsecured by hacking, criminals gain access to your information through social media sites or other websites you visit and share information on.

Document Theft

  • It is when criminals access your private information through unlocked mailboxes or personal documents that you've thrown away like utility bills, insurance renewals or health records.

Card fraud

Credit or debit card fraud happens when criminals:

  • copy the information stored on your card’s magnetic strip to access your funds
  • steal your card, or use your lost one, to make purchases or withdraw cash.
  • intercept your card in the post

How to Report Fraud

If you notice something suspicious and believe it could be fraudulent, you should contact us as soon as possible

Reporting Fraud:

Suspicious Emails:

Tips to Protect Yourself from Fraud

  • Always make sure your phone number and email address registered with us up to date.
  • Don’t open suspicious message.
  • Be careful about your personal information that you share on social media networks.
  • Secure your networks and devices with anti-virus software.
  • Regularly check your credit files.
  • Check your statement and call us if you notice any unusual activity
  • Avoid using the same PIN for all your cards
  • Never give your card number to strangers


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