Key Features of Wallet

Leverage hassle-free payments with the power of secure mobility enabled by efficient wallets for your daily needs.

Add fund and withdrawal Transfer made easier.

Bills Pay
Very convenient & easy to pay your daily’s bills.

Mobile Recharge
Right from your fingertips, select multiple telcos for mobile top-up.

P2P Transfer & QR Pay
Pay instantly to any members. Enable peer-to-peer scan QR code to send fund instantly.

Money transfer and request via mobile no or email ID.

Online Shopping
Local & international shopping experience. Easy pay by eWallet.

Get your Merchant account Instantly

Register yourself as Personal or Business. Apply IBAN Account

Your Bank Account is ready to accept Fund from anywhere in EEA/EU/UK regions

Manage your financial transactions, payment and exchange or even pay to your vendors

Almost all type of companies can get
benefits from our Marketplace Payment Solutions

  • Collect global payments in your own currency
  • Reach more clients in more regions
  • Easily manage payments from multiple marketplaces
Global payroll
  • Pay staff in an efficient manner with minimal transfer fees
  • Make payments in 30 currencies
  • Ensure tax and regulatory compliance is met at all times
  • Operate globally in up to 30 currencies and keep track of your payments
  • Send/receive international and local payments
  • Manage all payments from one dashboard
  • Accept payments in 34 currencies globally
  • Easily withdraw from and deposit money into your IBAN account
  • Send free transfers to/from Quickewallet accounts
  • Get paid and transfer funds in 30 different currencies
  • Pay fewer fees on money transfers to fund your account
  • Easily send and receive funds to and from your account
  • Make quick cross-border payments
  • Pay staff and suppliers via several payment networks
  • Pay and get paid in numerous currencies
Affiliate programs
  • Pay partners in their chosen currency
  • Track all payouts from one dashboard
  • Enjoy excellent reporting features

A Simplified End-To-End Full Suite Payment Infrastructure

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Quickewallet makes cross-border banking easy, affordable, and secure.
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