White Label Banking

Integrated, secure, and practical banking management in your digital ecosystem

Quickewallet offers white-label banking software to create digital-only banking solutions and deliver top-notch financial services to make customers choose your bank and stay, for life. Our Quickewallet Banking as a Service platform empowers businesses of all sizes — Small-Medium, Fintech and corporates — to accelerate their growth by using white label and co-branded banking and payment solutions.
Quickewallet is the Top White Label Banking Software Company in UK, USA, Europe. We are Top White Label Banking Solution Agency. Hire White Label Digital Banking Services Providers.
White Label Banking Software
Quickly and easily go to market with Open Banking payments, business accounts, cards, digital wallets, or any of our payment products. Working together with us, you have access to all the technology, licenses, and expertise needed to roll out innovative Quickewallet payments services under your own brand.
Create and manage deposit accounts for your customers under your own brand
Create and service white label deposit accounts for your business customers that are updated in real time.
Design, issue, and help manage debit cards under your brand
Create and manage debit cards for your business customers under your own brand
Facilitate the identity verification of your customers in one call
Verify your individual customers and create a user record.
Receive notifications about the banking and payment services you use.

Verify your business customers and create business records so that they can use our banking and payment services.
Move Money
One endpoint, multiple payment methods
Enable your customers to make ACH and real-time payments, internal transfers and bill payments through a single endpoint.

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