Caribbean eWallet Solution

We are your fast, simple and secure path to the financial technological future

Easily and instantly send or receive value to friends and family across the Caribbean, pay your bills, make purchases at participating locations or benefit from business’ loyalty and rewards programs – in one frictionless mobile wallet solution.

With Quickewallet, the possibilities are endless as we seek to unite the Caribbean region within the ‘new normal’, creating a genuinely sustainable, regional digital marketplace.

Virtually load and access a physical bank card without your wallet

Store value for fast, easy access at the point of purchase. Quickewallet users can download our app, provision a virtual card, and make point-of-sale transactions through contactless, scan-to-pay, or push payments to make purchases or send and receive money as a remittance.

We also offer prepaid loading options with our verified Quikewallet agents, who can ‘top-up’ your account in the absence of a bank card.

Select your business size, enter the required information, select your currency and set a PIN.

Financial law requires us to collect this information for AML & KYC purposes. You’ll need this to set your level.

Add friends and family who already use Squeeze Cash for their everyday transactions or refer them and earn*.

Cash transactions in seconds at home, on the go or across the globe all on your mobile phone.

​ Make contactless payments to your favorite merchants for goods and services in store via QR codes and online via direct charges.

Need cash? We’ll deposit your wallet balance directly to your locally linked bank or credit union.

Ready to scale your business?

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