Prepaid Cards

Prepaid card program for corporates and trading companies in Europe

Virtual Card Solution Provider

Branded Mastercard issuing for Fintech ,Marketplace and Others business

Personal Spending Cards

Keep your card for personal spending, shopping or to pay regular bills. Track your card spending.

Employee Expenses Cards

You can enabled card limits and manage expense for employees to make payment on daily basis.

Suppliers/ B2B Payment Cards

Get your delicated business card to pay regular suppliers bills. Even set as subscriptions and automate billings.

International Spending Cards

Get our multicurrency card for international spending to buy international ticket or shop locally.

Social Entertainment Cards

Better control of your expenses for recurring on Facebook or any social sites including dating sites or buying online games.

Online Shopping Cards

Our card design for Ecommerce card. Convenience Lower Costs. You can always set minimum or maximum limits or even freeze the card.

Branded and Generic card available for European and International Business

  • Advertising and affiliate agencies
  • Online travel agencies
  • PEOs and payroll providers
  • SaaS Procurement Platform
  • Disbursements (Insurance and Warranty Payouts)
  • Health Insurance, FSA, HSA, and benefits providers
  • Expense management providers
  • Financial services
  • Rewards and incentives platforms
  • Marketplaces
  • Logistic and shipping
  • Social sites
  • Branded Prepaid Card Solution ,Control your card spending

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    Virtual cards for your everyday needs, spending control in your hands. Spend anytime, anywhere . Get free multiple cards

    Prepaid Card Solution

    Quick way to launch your card program

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    Reach out and get an offer

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    Standard KYC procedures and compliance check

    *We will continue to further assist you with compliance
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    Card design creation and approval

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    Tech integration and customization

    *Support will continue to be available in the future

    Final steps and preparation for product launching

    It may take about 3 weeks to go from card design to a fully operational with the help of fintech professional

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