Quick E-Wallet Solutions

Quick E-Wallet offers Ewallet Software Solution in Singapore, Philippines, USA, UK, UAE, Thailand with Debit/Prepaid integration services. A White Label virtual banking approach with hundreds of eBanking open API included Web and Mobile platform. We are one of the top eWallet software development company in Singapore, USA, UK, Philippines, UAE, and Thailand.

Get a real-time view of your cashflow

At Quick Ewallet, we are innovator in building mobile payment solutions.


Digital Wallet is the future of payments

No more holding extra money and cards with all your important information protected and accessible on one device.

Simple registration process

Enjoy a simple procedure to register your account.

Instant Digital Receipt

Paperless with our ewallet. Receipt will send right to your phone.

Top-up your Ewallet whenever, wherever

Easier Top Up process through online banking or credit/debit card.

Enjoy 24/7 Security

Emoney Wallet utilizes both security pin and finger print so your data is secure from end to end.

Quick Ewallet Services

With more than a thousand ways to redeem the points you earn,
Finding the perfect reward is fast, easy and convenient when use our card system

Mobile Reload

Top-up made easy, add mobile credits from anywhere fast and secure.

Bills Pay

Settle your bills fast, easy and convenient by using our ewallet

Online Shopping

Enjoy your online shopping with the widest selection of products.

Gift Cards

Our gift cards are redeemable both in store and online and are all reloadable

A Simplified End-To-End Full Suite Payment Infrastructure

Payment Solutions

  • Payment acceptance
  • eWallets
  • Issuing Virtual money
  • Mobile POS
  • Payment processing
  • Money exchange
  • Gift cards
  • P2P money transfer
  • Mass-payment service

Mobile Banking Features

  • Easy-On Boarding.
  • Fast on-boarding by phone number or e-mail.
  • Authentication & validation.
  • KYC online integration.
  • Multi Currency.
  • Payment & Transfer.
  • Personalization.
  • Personal data analysis.
  • Payment Segmentation.
  • Payment history analysis.
  • Level-3 data analysis.

Use eMoney Wallets Easily

  •   Easily create eMoney Accounts for your merchants, crowd funders or freelancers with instant transfers between Accounts
  • Allow buyers, funders and customers to pay directly into Accounts
  • Easy withdrawals from eMoney Accounts into Bank Accounts
  • Easy compliance with integrated KYC and KYB Services
  • Integrated Risk Engine

eMoney Wallet Benefits

  • Send and Receive Money Online Securely.
  • Deposit Money Locally and Pay Worldwide.
  • Accept Payments on Your Website Instantly.
  • Competitive Low Transaction Fees.
  • Easy Implementation on Your Website.
  • Secure Data Transfer. (SSL Encryption).
  • All Common Payout Methods.
  • Multi-Currency Payment Accounts.

We provide specific solutions corresponding to your business needs

We and our global partners are having more than 10 years Banking and Technology
experience as assist utmost level of levering the technology to finance and others SME’s industries.